The new Old Jamaica ad is the brands highest spend

The new Old Jamaica ad is the brand's highest spend

Cott Beverages has unveiled a sponsorship package with the Comedy Central channel as part of its summer advertising campaign for Old Jamaica Ginger Beer in the UK.

The campaign, launched last week, is designed to engage with existing fans and reach new audiences with the channel's comedy brand values and is hoped to reach 39 million viewers, the company said. It will feature social-media interaction and TV ads, two of which can be seen below. 

Cott Beverages said the campaign was a seven-figure investment, the Old Jamaica Ginger Beer's highest-ever spend, but did not specify.

“The level of investment in this campaign demonstrates our commitment to, and faith in, the quality of the product,” said Old Jamaica senior brand manager Heather Jones.

“The adverts and sponsorship are being supported closely by dedicated PR and social-media activity which we believe is central to developing and increasing our Old Jamaica community.”

The ads encourage customers to upload jokes to the brand's Facebook page. A public vote on the funniest will see the winner fly to Jamaica on holiday.

The six commercials will air until September on channels including ITV1 and Channel 4 as well as a range of sponsorship idents for Comedy Central.

Cott Beverages distributes and markets Old Jamaica in the UK.