Oeneo, the French wine closures company, is preparing a push on its Diam closure in the US wine market.

Oeneo said today (29 June) that it is looking to "agressively expand" market share of Diam in the US by targeting media, retailers, distributors and wine firms in a fresh publicity campaign.

Diam is named after the Diamant Process, which claims to eradicate detectable levels of cork taint by using patented technology developed jointly by Oeneo and the French Atomic Agency.

The US is set to become the world's largest wine market by 2012, with volume sales of nearly 314m nine-litre cases, according to figures from Vinexpo and IWSR.

"We are firmly focused on driving the [closures] debate and delivering a real solution to the somewhat neglected US market," said Diam commercial director Dean Banister.

Activity will include seminars, roundtable discussions, media interviews and research studies with University of California Davis.

Diam had an 8.5% share of the US market for technical cork closures in 2008, with value sales of EUR57m (US$80.2m), according to Oeneo.

A spokesperson for the company declined to reveal how much the group will spend on its publicity drive for Diam in the US.

Earlier this year, Oeneo won a court case to protect its Diam patent in the EU.