Ochakovo has been accused of causing over US$100,000-worth of damage to a river in Russia, according to local reports.

Russian news service ITAR-TASS reported yesterday (23 July) that the Russian brewer has polluted several tributaries of the Moscow River to the tune of RUB2.75m (US$108,000). Ochakovo has denied being responsible for the damage, the agency said, despite an investigation earlier this month by environmental watchdog Rosprirodnadzor.

The Russian body has filed a lawsuit against Ochakovo, hoping to suspend its operations for 90 days, while also attempting to seize property belonging to the plant.

Other reports in the country have said that local residents in the west of Moscow complained earlier this month that the rivers Neverka and Setun smelled of beer. Earlier this month, production at Ochakovo's brewery was suspended for five days over the alleged environmental damage.