The $A1.5 billion ($US750m) deal by which Australian wine producer Southcorp acquired the Rosemount group is swiftly resulting in dominance by Rosemount's previous owners, the Oatley family.

The announcement that the former head of Rosemount, Keith Lambert, will replace Tom Park as Southcorp chief executive was followed by reports that the Oatleys have increased their shareholding to 16% - from the initial 13% as part of the deal which also limited them to 19.9% for two years.

The rapidly transforming Southcorp is now the seventh biggest wine company in the world with a wide portfolio of brands and a network of wineries and vineyards across Australia, predominantly South Australia, New South Wales and Victoria.

The momentum of Australian winery acquisitions and consolidation continues. One of the comparatively few remaining large family owned companies, McWilliams, has retained the investment bank Grant Samuel to advise it on future options from joint ventures to a possible public float.

The NSW based McWilliams had earlier acquired other small wineries in South Australia and Victoria and expanded its product range.