Nude Spirits has said that a former chief of the National Revenue Center at the United States' Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms has joined the company.

"We are pleased to announce that Tony Haynes has joined our company and by doing so brings a depth of industry knowledge and experience that will be critical to efficiently executing our strategies," said Shawn Harlan, CEO and Founder of Nude Spirits LCC.

Haynes was at the ATF for 32 years. The company did not say what role Haynes would take on.

"He has extremely valuable knowledge of the State and Federal policies and regulations governing the alcohol industry as well as close working relationships with these agencies," said Harlan.

"I am extremely pleased to be affiliated with the Nude Spirits Company. It's management team, quality product, and innovative marketing lead me to believe that this company will be a significant player in the spirits industry," said Haynes.

Nude Spirits recently added former NFL quarterback John Elway to their advisory board.