NuCo2 Inc. announced today that it has reached an agreement to supply bulk CO2 systems and liquid carbon dioxide to potentially 2,000 locations operated by Sodexho Marriott Operations, Inc. in 16 states. In addition, the Company reached agreements to supply 660 Target Stores/Food Avenue locations in 37 states; 155 Sunoco A- Plus locations in seven states; 124 7-Eleven locations in three states; 83 Farm Store locations in Florida; 78 Phillips 66 locations in nine states; 62 Pizzeria Uno Chicago Bar & Grill locations in 30 states; 54 Sizzler locations in 18 states; 54 Wendy's locations in five states; 46 BP Oil locations in two states; 34 Shoney's locations in three states; 33 Taco Bell locations in Virginia; 30 Dairy Queen locations in Texas; and 19 Sonic locations in three states. Installations have already begun.Edward M. Sellian, Chairman and CEO, said, "We expect that the enhancements to our national service network made possible by our RouteSmart(TM) Delivery System announced last week will provide additional reasons for chains such as those announced today to choose NuCo2 over its competitors."NuCo2 Inc. is the nation's leading supplier of bulk CO2 systems and bulk CO2 for carbonating and dispensing fountain beverages. Additional information about NuCo2 Inc. may be obtained on the Internet at