Canadas Prince Edward Island is to seperate alcohol and cannabis sales

Canada's Prince Edward Island is to seperate alcohol and cannabis sales

Nova Scotia has said it will sell cannabis out of its government-controlled liquor stores as the Canadian province became the latest to outline its plans ahead of national legislation next year.

Authorities in the western province said yesterday that all distribution and sales will be online or through existing Nova Scotia Liquor Corporation (NSLC) stores. The number of locations has yet to be determined.

The announcement means cannabis will be sold alongside alcohol in Nova Scotia as it takes a different approach to other Canadian provinces, which are working to finalise their marijuana regulations ahead of the drug's recreational legalisation in July next year. According to the Globe and Mail, Alberta, Newfoundland and Labrador will sell cannabis though private shops, with British Columbia selling though a combination of private and public shops. Ontario will sell in about 150 shops operated by the Liquor Control Board of Ontario and Quebec will sell through its provincially run liquor board. Quebec also plans to open 15 cannabis stores by July.

Prince Edward Island also unveiled its plans yesterday, vowing to keep cannabis and alcohol sales separate. The province said dedicated stores will avoid encouraging the use of alcohol and cannabis at the same time.

Each Canadian province has different regulations on alcohol, however most operate a monopoly that ensures beer, wines and spirits are sold mainly from government-run shops. 

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