Nobilo White Cloud, a New Zealand wine brand in the UK, is targeting its core New World wine drinking consumers through a national radio promotion with Classic FM.

On air for six weeks, the half hour slot entitled Chilled Classics, in association with Nobilo White Cloud, will feature on the Natalie Wheen show that airs on Saturday and Sunday evenings.

Listeners will be encouraged to visit the Classic FM website where Nobilo White Cloud branding will run alongside the on-air sponsorship on a specially constructed web page. Listeners will also have the opportunity to win a case of wine as well as getting brand information.

"Associating Nobilo White Cloud with Classic FM is an ideal way of capturing the attention of our core consumer," said Jo Grainger, brand manager for Nobilo Wines, part of BRL Hardy.

"New Zealand wines have a different character to other New World wines due to the country's growing conditions. They bring to the palate a fresher, cleaner style than their American neighbours and it is this greater subtlety and complexity of character that consumers find appealing," she added.