The future of the FSA, formed in 2000, is in question

The future of the FSA, formed in 2000, is in question

The UK's Department of Health has today (12 July) insisted that the country's Coalition Government has yet to make a decision on the future of the Food Standards Agency.

Reports in the UK this weekend have suggested that the agency, which is the country's soft drink and water watchdog, would be disbanded. The FSA would see its functions move to the Department of Health and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, Reuters has reported.

However, the Department of Health said "no decision had been taken with the FSA", although it added: "All arms-length bodies will be subject for a review."

The future of the FSA, first set up in 2000 to oversee food safety in the UK, has been in question since the Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition took office in May.

The Government is looking to cut public spending in a bid to reduce the UK's budget deficit, which stands at GBP165bn (US$248.79bn).

The FSA also has its detractors, who have claimed the agency has strayed too far from its original remit on food safety into diet and nutrition.