Nirvana Brewery’s Zen & Berries

Nirvana Brewery’s Zen & Berries

Nirvana Brewery's Ananda Buchabeer and Zen & Berries

Category – Beer; alcohol-free, vegan; 0% abv

Available – Now

Location - UK

Price – See below

UK-based Nirvana Brewery, a specialist producer of low-alcohol and alcohol-free beers, has released two new no alcohol and vegan products: Ananda Buchabeer and Zen & Berries.

Ananda Buchabeer combines the brewery's Tantra Pale Ale with cane sugar and kombucha – made using green sencha tea from Japan – and contains live cultures, good bacteria, enzymes and antioxidants.

Meanwhile, Zen & Berries is a fruit sour beer containing British-sourced blueberries and fresh ginger, made in partnership with the London Fields Brewery.

The new product is one of a planned series of collaborations between Nirvana and other UK brewers.

The beers are priced at GBP2.99 (US$3.91) and GBP2.49 respectively for 33cl cans.

"For far too long this sector of the industry has been ignored – alcohol-free beers don't have to be fun-free," said Steve Dass, co-founder of Nirvana Brewery.

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