An exclusive agreement has been signed whereby Essentia Water, Inc., a wholly-owned subsidiary of NextPath Technologies, Inc. (OTC BB:NPTK), will produce a private label water product for PETsMART (NASDAQ:PETM), the international pet industry giant.

This unique purified water product, packaged in 1.0 liter sized bottles, will be known as 'Shareables', for me and my pal! The PETsMART 'Shareables' lines are produced and marketed exclusively to be shared by people and their pets.

"We are proud to have been selected by PETsMART as the vendor of choice for bottled water in their 'Shareables' line," said Jim Tonkin, President and Chief Operating Officer of Essentia Water, Inc. (EWI). "We have delivered enough bottled water to the PETsMART distribution centers nationally, so all 525 PETsMART stores are now sufficiently stocked for the introduction."

Additionally, Mr. Tonkin stated: "As Essentia does with other private label customers, we view our relationship with PETsMART as long term and will assist them wherever possible. For example, we designed and manufactured a plastic cup for PETsMART which fits on the bottom of the bottle and can be quickly removed and used as a portable pet drinking bowl, a first in the marketplace."

Essentia Water, Inc. co-packs, markets and sells high alkaline (pH) and electrolyte enhanced bottled water under the brand name Essentia Water. Essentia Water is best characterized as a Premium Bottled Water product, which is distributed through Natural/Health food stores and retail grocery channels in PET 20 oz., 1.0 liter and 1.5 liter sized bottles throughout the United States. Essentia's unique bottling process, featuring non-source dependent water, allows EWI to produce their product anywhere in the world with consistency and within stringent company quality assurance standards, incorporating federal and state guidelines.

NextPath is a development stage holding company that engages in acquisitions, joint ventures and other strategic alliances that it believes will enable it and its subsidiaries to become significant participants in a number of rapidly expanding technology market sectors.

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