Offering PET bottle manufacturers a comprehensive, single source of PET manufacturing technical assistance at a lower total project cost, P.E.T. Terra Systems was formed in April 2000 by a merger of P.E.T. Systems, Inc. and Terra Firma International. The new company combines the facility engineering expertise of P.E.T. Systems and the statistical process capabilities of Terra Firm International.

According to P.E.T. Terra Systems President Paul Clark, "Our goal in merging is to offer a scientifically and statistically based approach to the design & operation of plastic bottle manufacturing plants."

The engineering staff of P.E.T. Terra Systems has been involved in the engineering and process side of the PET bottle manufacturing industry since its beginnings in the late 1970's. Founded by engineers with over 20 years of experience in the field, P.E.T. Systems has provided facility engineering services, including plant design, project management, personnel training and the establishment of operating procedures. Since its establishment in 1990, Terra Firma International has focused on the use of statistical tools for process optimization in the PET bottle manufacturing industry, pioneering the use of DOE (Design of Experiment) methodology.

Led by CEO Bob Wilson, President Paul Clark and Vice President Stephen Zagarola, the expert engineering staff of P.E.T. Terra Systems will offer a variety of engineering and training services throughout the world, traveling regularly to Latin America, Asia, the Middle East and Eastern Europe. Services include turnkey facility engineering, process optimization through the implementation of DOE (Design of Experiment) methodology, turnkey quality system engineering, feasibility studies, production simulations, technology reviews and process modeling.

P.E.T. Terra Systems also offers publicly available training courses in PET process and engineering, as a joint venture partner with TopWave Industries, Ltd. in the Polyester Packaging Manufacturing Institute.