Tropicana is launching Tropicana Pure Premium Valencia (with pulp and no pulp) in a new 1.75 litre plastic container in the US metropolitan areas of New York.

"New Yorkers are America's orange juice connoisseurs, consuming 12% of the national output of orange juice each year," said Paul Smith, senior marketing director of Tropicana Pure Premium.

"In fact, Pure Premium is the number one selling brand in New York metropolitan area supermarket," Smith claims. "That's why Tropicana is bringing Sweet Valencia to the tri-state area first."

Tropicana, which ships its products to New York via train five times each week and claims to be the only single-product cargo train currently operating in the US, delivers more than 5m gallons of orange juice each week to its Jersey City distribution centre.

The new 1.75 litre size is available at Gristedes, A&P, Pathmark and Waldbaums.