Suffolk Countys health board voted in favour of a ban last year

Suffolk County's health board voted in favour of a ban last year

A New York State council has outlawed the marketing of energy drinks to minors, according to reports, but stopped short of an outright ban put forward last year.

Suffolk County legislators have, however, banned the sale of energy drinks in county parks, NBC reported yesterday (19 March). The new law also sets up an education campaign on the potential side effects of the beverages, the report said.

“There are medical concerns associated with these beverages,” Suffolk County health commissioner James Tomarken was quoted as saying. “And some parents don't even know what's in them.” 

In November, Suffolk's health board voted for a ban on energy drinks sales to under-19s, a proposal the American Beverage Association called “a slippery slope”. But, in an interview with just-drinks in January, legislator William Spencer, who chairs the health committee and who met with energy drinks companies Red Bull and Monster, said he preferred to work with the industry than fight it “tooth and nail”. He predicted that legislation banning marketing to minors was likely.

Yesterday's NBC report quoted Spencer as saying the new law addresses the dangers of energy drinks “without stifling business or infringing on anyone's constitutional rights”.