Wine Country Classifieds, the top wine and grape industry classified publication in North America, has launched, the online version of its publication.'s classified ads feature used equipment, wine industry jobs, grapes, bulk wine and numerous wine industry services. A preview launch of this site occurred at the Unified Wine & Grape Symposium held in Sacramento in January 2000.

Wine Country Classifieds and are truly the first to offer Business to Business services to the production arena of the wine industry. "We are focused on a narrow aspect of what is now being defined as B2B and plan on doing it well," said Tary Salinger, founder of the company with long time friend Jim Williams. "We've just learned recently that we've been in the B2B business now for over 8 years - we've just called it something different."

"Our site's traffic has increased dramatically and our Auto Email Delivery System has already become so popular that we believe it will soon become a major tool for the wine industry when selling equipment, grapes, bulk wine or for job hunters seeking just-in-time listings," said Williams.

Wine Country Classifieds has serviced the North American wine industry since 1993 and has more than tripled in growth since its inception. Now an industry standard, Wine Country Classifieds is received and read weekly by over 12,000 key wine industry owners and employees. With the introduction of, Wine Country's goal is to expand their readership to a global basis, in addition to continuing to improve services and add additional tools to the site. With over 50 years of wine industry experience between them, the partners of Wine Country Classifieds and are dedicated to helping the industry and take a long term approach to their business development.

"The North American wine industry has become quite familiar with our publication since we developed it over eight years ago", said Williams. "We are constantly hearing `what a tremendous service' we are providing to the wine industry. It was just a natural thing for us to develop a website to offer current and prospective new users of our publication an additional avenue by which to reach out to the wine industry all over the world. Our goal then, as it is now, is to provide a service at a reasonable price that will help wineries and growers focus on the business of growing great grapes and making fine wine."