Meridian USA Holdings, Inc. (OTCBB:MUSD) announced today the rising success of Champion Lyte, a sugar free, calorie free sports refresher beverage with a great taste, soon available to the millions of active Americans wishing to lead a healthier lifestyle. Champion Lyte is expected to be highly competitive in the sports drink beverage category because of its great taste, zero fat, sugar, or carbs and availability in grocery stores across the United States. "It has all of the good, and none of the bad. Our product is no guilt," said Alan Posner, CEO of Meridian USA Holdings. "Champion Lyte presents a unique alternative so you can reap the benefits through a delicious, satisfying drink designed for the active, healthy lifestyle." The new product line is a timely addition to the Company's diverse menu of unique sugar free, fat free products and healthy snacks. Ask your local store for great tasting Champion Lyte and Sweet'N Low sugar free, fat free ice cream syrups manufactured by Meridian USA Holdings.