Not content with the runaway success of Snapple Elements, the brand is now introducing two new additions to its line. Sky and Altitude, two all-natural, herbally enhanced fruit drinks are expected to hit store shelves in mid-May. Sky: For Stamina Fuel up for the long haul with the exotic flavor of Sky. Combined with a unique blend of Guarana, Panax, Ginseng and Schizandra, this Passion Fruit Drink is packed with endurance. Altitude: To Rejuvenate Altitude is bringing refreshment to new heights with the unique taste of Persimmon. Enhanced with Ginseng, Astragalus, and Echinachea, Altitude helps provide a surge of energy. The Elements line, launched in 1999, currently consists of six fruit drinks: Earth, Fire, Sun, Rain, Gravity, and Meteor, and two teas: Lightning and Moon. Each product uniquely combines herbal ingredients and exotic fruit flavors to help consumers refresh their natural resources. The products are packed in distinct 20-ounce glass bottles with intriguing hidden-reveal labels. The line has been tremendously successful since its launch last year. "The success of the Elements line has topped even our highest projections, with sales for the first twelve months expected to exceed five million cases, it is the most successful new product launch in the history of premium beverages," said Ken Gilbert, senior vice president, Snapple marketing. The launch of Sky and Altitude will be supported through point of sale materials, events, sampling, the Snapple website (