Pernod Ricard USA and Seagram's Gin have launched a new luxury variant called Seagram's Gin Distiller's Reserve in a bid to grow category sales.

The gin is created by choosing the best barrel proof batches of gin and blending them to create a gin with a final strength of 102 proof (51% abv).

Distiller's Reserve was launched in US retail in May and is available in 1.75l, 750ml, 375ml, 200ml and 50ml sizes at an approximate 40% price premium to Seagram's core offering.

Wayne Hartunian, brand director, Seagram's Gin, said: "Although classic Seagram's Gin is, far and away, the volume leader in the premium gin segment, we recognise that there are times when consumers trade up and now we have the perfect product to deliver that step above."