Beers Chiko Enterprises: Bia Hanoi. This lager type beer is imported from Vietnam. It is brewed by the Hanoi Beer Company using high quality natural spring water. Alcohol content 4%. 330 ml can Y320, 24 per case. Happoshu Sapporo Breweries: Sapporo Brau Shot Bottle. This draft happoshu has been a big success for Sapporo since it was first launched January 1999. Now it is relaunched in the new aluminum bottle can, the Shot Bottle. This aluminum bottle can is shaped like a bottle but is made of metal and has a screw cap. Sapporo Breweries is already using this new container for its mainstay beer Black Label [reported in JAPANSCAN May 2000 page 25, number 230]. This container is a joint development with Daiwa Seikan KK. Kirin Brewery is also using the bottle can [reported in JAPANSCAN March 2000 page 27, number 259 and July 2000 page 22, number 183]. Sapporo Brau has an alcohol content of 5.5%. This 470 ml shot bottle retails at Y175 [plus tax]. Sales target 2 million cases.