Chiko Enterprises: Bia Hanoi. This lager type beer is imported from Vietnam. It is brewed by the Hanoi Beer Company using high quality natural spring water. Alcohol content 4%. 330 ml can Y320, 24 per case.

Sapporo Breweries: Sapporo Brau Shot Bottle. This draft happoshu has been a big success for Sapporo since it was first launched January 1999. Now it is relaunched in the new aluminum bottle can, the Shot Bottle. This aluminum bottle can is shaped like a bottle but is made of metal and has a screw cap. Sapporo Breweries is already using this new container for its mainstay beer Black Label [reported in JAPANSCAN May 2000 page 25, number 230]. This container is a joint development with Daiwa Seikan KK. Kirin Brewery is also using the bottle can [reported in JAPANSCAN March 2000 page 27, number 259 and July 2000 page 22, number 183]. Sapporo Brau has an alcohol content of 5.5%. This 470 ml shot bottle retails at Y175 [plus tax]. Sales target 2 million cases.

Low-Alcohol Cocktails
Suntory: Suntory The Cocktail Bar - Apple Kiss. A new variety added to this very successful series of low-alcohol cocktails. This drink has the refreshing flavor of apple juice and an alcohol content of 6%. This is a vodka-based cocktail. 200 ml glass bottle with screw cap Y210, 24 per case.

Kikkoman Corp: Mans Red Wine and Mans White Wine. These wines have been produced by unique technology that enables the wines to be produced without use of any antioxidant additives as preservatives. The production process is patented and the wines have a shelf-life of 2 years. The red wine has added cranberry for color and flavor. The white wine is made from muscat grapes. These wines are medium sweet and easy to drink. 600 ml screw cap glass bottles Y540, 12 per case.

Regular Coffee
Ajinomoto General Foods: AGF Maxim Single Cafe in two varieties - Original Blend and Espresso Roast. Individual drip [in cup cassette regular coffee filters] regular coffee. The mouth of the cassette has been widened to improve the flavor and make it easier to pour; it is also very stable. The product has been developed so that the coffee flavor is not tainted by the paper filter in which it is packed. Pack of four, individually wrapped in aluminum film, open price (guide price around Y198).

Instant Coffee
Nestle Japan: Nescafe Gold Blend. A relaunch of Gold Blend brand instant coffee, now produced using a brand new revolutionary type of coffee extraction, the continuous aromatic drip process, which gives a significant improvement in the flavor of the coffee. The coffee is mild with a much richer aroma. The new system uses a process of continuously adding fresh coffee beans to the extraction vessel from below while the used coffee beans, which may start contributing impurities to the flavor, leave by the top. 50 g Y470, 100 g, Y890, 150 g Y1,285. National launch September.

Coffee Creamer
Nestle Japan: Nestle Brite. Single portion coffee creamer. A line extension in the Nestle Brite powdered coffee creamer range. The individual sachets maintain the freshness of each portion. Ideal for the unexpected guest or when out and about. 15 x 3 g stick-shape sachets, Y205, 144 per case.

Fruit Juice Drinks
Asahi Soft Drinks: Bireleys Tiki Tiki Blend. A fruit juice drink based on orange juice from South America with a refreshing aftertaste. This seasonal mixed tropical fruit juice drink also contains Central South American passion fruit juice for its refreshing aroma and Mexican mango juice for its mellow sweetness. Less than 10% juice content. The name is derived from the name of a Hawaiian and Tahitian god and is designed to be memorable. The fruits contained in the drink are illustrated on the red summery label for easy recognition. Limited summer season sale. 500 ml PET bottle Y140, 24 per case. Sales target 200,000 cases.

Fruit Juice Milk Drink
Asahi Soft Drinks: Asahi Asa-no White & Fruit [asa-no means morning]. A yogurt flavor drink with three delicious fruits - banana, orange and pineapple. A convenient way to enjoy milk and fruit together. Banana is good for the digestion as well as containing vitamins and minerals and orange and pineapple are both rich in vitamins. Contains 10% fruit juice. The package is white, typical of a milk carton, with an illustration of the fruits. 250 ml slim carton Y100, 24 per case. National launch. Sales target 1.2 million cartons

Carbonated Drinks
Coca-Cola Group: Grand Bleu [wide blue]. A sparkling near water drink. Mineral water containing 1% lemon juice. Lightly carbonated, slightly sweet and refreshing. The label design features the image of a dolphin on a fresh sea blue background. This product has a simple, pure image and is designed to appeal to young adults. 350 ml can Y120, 500 ml PET bottle Y147. National launch.

Balanced Nutritional Drinks
Suntory: Suntory Life Partner Dakara [dakara means consequently, or therefore]. This functional drink is a balanced nutritional drink containing octacosanol, potassium, calcium, magnesium and dietary fiber. It is calorie-reduced and low in sodium chloride and fat. It was first launched earlier this year [reported in JAPANSCAN February 2000 page 20, number 188] in 500 ml PET bottle, 340 g can and 245 g can, then in the 1.5 liter PET bottle Y330, 8 per case [reported in JAPANSCAN July 2000 page 19, number 158] and now in the new bottle can [shaped like a screw cap bottle but made of aluminum] and the Prisma hexagonal carton. These packs attract attention because they are different. The bottle can has an advantage over the PET bottle in that the content can be chilled faster. Sales of this drink have been exceptional. Sales from March through June have exceeded 10 million bottles. The original annual sales target of 10 million cases has been increased to 18 million cases. 300 ml carton Y105, 410 g bottle can Y130.

Functional Drink
Pokka Corp: Pokka Dietary Fiber Lemon Jelly [translation]. A new variety added to this series of functional jelly drinks. This drink supplies approximately 7 g of dietary fiber per bottle plus 500 mg of vitamin C. A pleasant summer drink containing 5% lemon juice. 350 ml PET bottle Y140, 24 per case.

Vitamin Fortified Drink
Calpis Co.: Calpis nude - Summer Fruits. A new variety in this series of no﷓calorie and no﷓sugar vitamin supplement drinks, the summer fruits flavor is on limited seasonal sale. This very lightly carbonated drink is refreshing and thirst quenching. It is fortified with vitamins B6, C and E. Claimed to be a cosmetic drink, the name nude implies good skin tone. 500 ml PET bottle Y140, 24 per case [The lemon and grapefruit varieties were reported in JAPANSCAN June 2000, page 21].

Health Drinks
Okinawa Prefecture Deep Sea Water Development Association, International Cosmetics: Aqua Ade. There is presently a boom in demand for deep sea water. The water is rich in minerals, it is a means to supplement the diet with essential minerals in a form where they are readily absorbed. This water is obtained using special equipment to extract seawater from 600 m and 1,400 m beneath the surface (patent pending). This water is then blended with melted snow water from Mt Fuji to produce a mineral water drink. 2 liter PET bottle Y800, 250 ml PET bottle Y250. First year sales target 1.8 million bottles.

Milk Drinks
Meiji Milk Prod: Meiji Matcha Gyunyu [cows milk with powdered green tea]. A high quality milk drink flavored with powdered green tea. The best quality tea produced in Japan has been used to produce a quality blend of the bitter flavor of tea and the mellow flavor of milk. Non-fat milk solids 8%, milk fat 3%. 300 ml polyethylene bottle with screw cap Y160, 12 per case.

Lactic Acid Bacteria Drinks
Calpis Co: Calpis White Phoenix Peach [translation]. This is a concentrated sterilized drink made from the lactic fermentation of skim milk using lactic acid bacteria and lactose-fermenting yeasts. It is similar to kefir. Contains added soy oligosaccharides to promote the growth of intestinal bifidus bacteria. The original flavor Calpis was first launched in Japan over 80 years ago. This new flavor is on limited seasonal sale while the fruit is in season. The high quality fruit juice is from peaches grown in Yamagata prefecture. Dilute five times before consumption. 500 ml gable-top carton Y440.