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Aluminum Bottle Can for Beer
Kirin Brewery: Kirin Lager Special Light. This lager beer is now launched in the new aluminum bottle can. This new style pack is in the shape of a bottle and has a screw cap but it is made of aluminum. 450 ml bottle can Y257 (plus tax), regional launch backed by TV advertising.

Wine Cooler
Kyowa Hakko Kogyo: St. Neige Sweepy. A blend of lightly sparkling white wine and natural fruit juice, a casual drink. St. Neige is the brand name for wine produced by Kyowa Hakko Kogyo. Varieties - lychee, alcohol content 4%, pineapple, alcohol content 4% and blueberry, alcohol content 3%. Aimed at women in their 20s. 250 ml screw cap clear glass bottle Y190, 24 per case.

Suntory: Suntory Karakuchi Bakushochu Sorekara [dry shochu made from grain, the name sorekara means after that, implying that this is a new drink for the future]. This is a new type of shochu [Japanese liquor similar to vodka] made from wheat. It is class A type shochu with an alcohol content of 25%. Made from selected wheat it is subjected to low-temperature distillation for a refreshing and dry clean flavor. 720 ml rectangular glass bottle Y1,180, 12 per case.

Sapporo Breweries: Polaire Bonne Sante, healthy wine produced in Japan. Two new varieties added to the range blueberry (red), aloe (white). Both wines contain added trehalose [effective against osteoporosis]. Alcohol content 3%. These are lightly sparkling, low-alcohol, slightly sweet, fruit wines with a mellow mouthfeel. 250 ml glass screw cap bottle Y250, 12 per case.

Coffee Gift Sets
UCC Ueshima Coffee: UCC Coffee Gift Sets. A wide range of coffee gift sets (44 products in total) has been launched by UCC for the mid-year gift market. They feature regular coffee, instant coffee and ready-to-drink coffee. Shown here is UCC Super Aroma Regular Coffee gift set. The prices range from Y2,000 to Y10,000, with most sets priced between Y3,000 and Y5,000. New items this year include Cartoncan [paper can] coffee gift sets, sets with convenient individual concentrated coffee portions and paper drip regular coffee gift sets suitable for one person.

Ready-to-Drink Coffee
Coca-Cola Group: Georgia Signature Clear Bitter. Ready-to-drink ice coffee made using deep roast quality coffee beans for a rich aroma. Bitter, slightly sweetened, with a refreshing aftertaste. Good as a thirst-quencher while working or driving. 350 ml PET bottle Y147. National launch, available in convenience stores.

Ready-to-Drink Tea
Morinaga Milk Ind.: Lipton Lychee Tea. Flavored black tea drink on limited sale for the summer season. Made using 100% high quality aromatic leaf tea from Sri Lanka and containing 1% lychee juice. Lychee is a popular Asian fruit. This is a black tea with a new style Asian taste. A moderately sweet refreshing drink for the summer. 500 ml gable-top carton Y110, 20 per case. Shelf- life 15 days (refrigerated below 10 C). National launch.

Fruit Juice Drinks
Calpis Co: Welch's Honey Pink Lemonade. A fruit juice drink containing a blend of pink grapefruit and lemon juice with added honey. Gentle flavor, attractive eye-catching pink color and the natural sweetness of honey. Fruit juice content 10%. Calories reduced by 30%. Package design illustrates the ingredients and uses pink and yellow for the product name below the Welch's logo. 500 ml PET bottle, Y140, 24 per case. National launch.

Carbonated Drinks
Suntory: Pepsi Cola and Diet Pepsi. Cola flavor carbonated drinks. A relaunch of Pepsi and a new improved Diet Pepsi. Diet Pepsi now contains a new sweetener, Acesulfame K which gives Diet Pepsi the same exciting flavor and clean aftertaste as standard Pepsi. Acesulfame K is zero calorie and is a strong sweetener [it has only recently become permitted in Japan]. It is also more stable which enables the shelf life of the PET bottles to increase from 4 to 6 months and that for cans to 7 months. Bottle caps feature the Pepsi Man to mark the relaunch. 500 ml PET bottle, 1.5 liter PET bottle, 350 ml and 250 ml can.

Functional Milk Products
Yakult Honsha: Yakult Bifiel. This functional drinking yogurt received FOSHU approval last year. The permitted claim is that it contains Bifidobacterium breve and Lactobacillus casei Shirota which reach the intestines alive where they are active in promoting the growth of beneficial bacteria and decreasing the growth of harmful bacteria, thus improving the environment in the intestines and protecting their health. It is now relaunched with the FOSHU approval symbol on the front face. The product has improved flavor with a less sweet and lighter taste. It is fortified with 4.0 mg iron and 100 mg collagen per pack to appeal to women. It also contains added galacto-oligosaccharide to promote the growth of intestinal bifidus bacteria and vitamins B6, B12 and E plus folic acid. 100 ml brick cartons Y100, 60 per case, refrigerated shelf-life 14 days at below 10 C. Sales target 700,000 packs per day.

Functional Drinks
Nakazawa: Nakazawa Snoopy Jelly Drink Camu Camu Berry. A line extension in this jelly dessert drink range. The packaging features Snoopy, who is celebrating his 50th anniversary this year. Smooth, yogurt flavor jelly drink containing Peruvian camu camu fruit and blueberries. Camu camu fruit contains 2,780 mg of vitamin C per 100 g (higher than acerola, a popular fruit in Japan). The drink also contains oligosaccharides, calcium and vitamin D in addition to vitamin C. This product is good for the health and the packaging is environment-friendly. Cheer pack [soft pouch pack with screw cap spout] 180 g Y190, 30 per case.

Sports Drinks
Snow Brand Food: Snow Brand Sport. This new sports drink is in two flavors - lemon lime, grapefruit. It replenishes the water and minerals lost when sweating. It is also fortified with vitamins and supplies energy. Aimed at teenagers and young men and women from 10 to 20. Packed in transparent Cheer pack [soft pouch with screw cap spout] 300 g Y110, 30 per case, can be frozen.

Health Drinks
Takara Shuzo: TaKaRa Kurozu Vermont [kurozu is black vinegar]. This healthy vinegar drink also contains 7 different vitamins and royal jelly. It has a base of naturally brewed black vinegar plus apple vinegar and honey. 125 ml brick carton Y100, 24 per case.

Milk Drinks
Pokka Corp.: Pokka Milk Purin [purin means custard]. This milk custard drink is a dessert type drink which tastes like custard. This aseptically filled milk drink has the mild flavor of milk and contains milk calcium. 350 ml PET bottle Y140, 24 per case.

Lactic Acid Bacteria Drinks
Morinaga Milk Ind: Morinaga Fruit Mami - Lemon. A new variety in this series of lactic acid bacteria drinks, the lemon version is on limited seasonal sale for the summer. This is a balanced blend of a lactic acid bacteria drink and lemon juice to produce a slightly acid refreshing flavor. The pack features the usual cute animal characters used on this series. 500 ml gable-top carton Y120, 20 per case, refrigerated shelf-life 15 days at below 10 C.

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