Orangina Schweppes has launched a no added sugar version of its namesake drink, in an apparent effort to avoid a new soft drinks tax in its native France.

Suntory-owned Orangina has debuted 'Miss O!' in France. Made to new recipe, Orangina Miss O! replaces Orangina Light and does not contain aspartame or added sugar. It will be targeted specifically at women.

The move comes two weeks after France introduced a tax on soft drinks containing added sugar, as well as a lesser levy on those with artificialy sweeteners. 

Miss O! is available in orange, raspberry and grapefruit flavours. It is packaged in 1.5 litre bottles and also in 33cl bottles for the orange flavour. Its slogans read: "Orangina Miss O! is the drink for women who want everything"; and "Every woman has something of Miss O!"

Meanwhile, Orangina Schweppes has launched two new flavours of Orangina - Bad Jack (exotic fruit) and Lady Gina (red fruit).