California wines priced over $25 a bottle are a very hot segment of the wine industry today. Wines in this category sell with remarkable velocity, are highly publicized and have given California wines a remarkable reputation worldwide. Virtually nonexistent 15 years ago, this category, valued at over $1 billion, now sells 3 million cases (36 million bottles) per year and is growing at 25% annually according to MKF Research. Yet surprisingly there is very little accurate sales data available for this impressive and growing segment of the wine market. Now, MKF Research, a division of Motto Kryla & Fisher LLP, the leading management consultants and research experts in the U.S. wine industry, will address this important issue as well as the overall lack of accurate, detailed premium wine sales data with its latest research project -- Wine Trends. According to Vic Motto, this research project, now underway, will provide ongoing quarterly and annual data of aggregate winery sales of every major wine varietal by price point and by individual domestic and export markets. He noted that other high-end consumer goods already have in-depth, accurate market research, which is successfully used by top marketing executives to manage market share, pricing, and profitability. "Most of the vintners we have contacted agreed that this data is the most-needed sales information in the wine industry today," Motto noted.