Chopin Vodka has unveiled a makeover for its bottle in the US. The Moet Hennessy-owned will be available in its new look from this month.

Moet Hennessy has conducted extensive trials with the new design before unveiling the finished product, the company said yesterday (23 November).

Melissa Frank, brand director, Moet Hennessy USA Vodkas, said : "Chopin is a refined brand that has always made a bold packaging statement, consistent with its independent, discerning image. We're constantly evaluating our packaging to ensure that it works for both consumers and trade, and it was time to introduce some subtle, but still substantive changes to enhance our look."

The hand drawing of the 19th Century Polish composer Frederik Chopin as a young man is more visible from the front, seen as a profile through a looking glass window into the bottle. The artist's signature appears even larger on the front of the bottle, in a script based on Chopin's actual signature.

The redesigned bottleneck is now black with the word 'Chopin' in white. The front of the bottle has less verbiage.

The new look will also feature in Chopin's national advertising campaign.

The suggested national retail price for Chopin is US$29.99 per 750ml bottle.