Samuel Adams Boston Lager, Summer Ale, and Cream Stout, along with local Connecticut beers Hammer & Nail Brown Ale, and New England Yankee Amber Ale handily won a blind taste-off against great beers from around the world, including Heineken, Corona, Guinness, Newcastle Brown Ale, and Bass Ale in a recent "Liquid Lunch" at Hartford's Vito's By The Park.

In the beer-to-beer blind tasting, tasters were presented with unmarked glasses containing an American craft beer and its style equivalent in one of the great beers from around the world. Using rating forms and procedures approved by the Association of Homebrewers, the beers were scored according to appearance, aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel, and were then given an overall impression. The judges were a mixed lot of beer aficionados, neophytes and media representatives.

In each of the five parings, the America craft beer beat its imported competitor: Samuel Adams Boston Lager was preferred over Heineken 29 drinkers to 3 drinkers. Samuel Adams Cream Stout bested Guinness 17 to 13 (1 tie). Samuel Adams Summer Ale beat Corona 17 to 10 (5 ties). Hammer & Nail Brown Ale was preferred over Newcastle Brown Ale by a 15 to 13 margin (3 ties). New England Yankee Amber Ale was preferred by 17 to 12 over Bass Ale (4 ties).

"These imports have been considered to be the world standards for their styles, yet all across the country we have proven that small American brewers like Samuel Adams make better beer," said Jim Koch, Boston Beer Company founder and brewer. "American beer drinkers have more choices than drinkers in any other country, and now they know that they also have many of the world's best beers."

The Hartford "Liquid Lunch" is part of Boston Beer Company's continuing mission to educate and enlighten beer drinkers about the wonders of fresh, well-made American beer. Over the past two years, Boston Beer Company has hosted "Liquid Lunches" in 12 American cities for consumers and journalists and is undefeated in 48 tastings.

In conjunction with American Beer Month this July, Boston Beer Company will again take on the imports in a 10-city tour that features "Liquid Lunches" in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Denver, Minneapolis, San Diego and Baltimore/Washington, DC,. In each city, three Samuel Adams beers and two local imports will be paired off with the leading import in its style class.

The American Homebrewers Association, a non-profit educational institute for the brewing industry, has had similar results in blind taste-offs, pitting Samuel Adams Boston Lager against Heineken, as well as American craft beers against world-class imports. A 1999 AHA tour featured tastings in Boulder and Colorado Springs, CO; Albuquerque, NM; and Boston.

Jim Koch founded The Boston Beer Company in 1984. He introduced the Company's flagship beer, Samuel Adams Boston Lager, in April 1985. Today, The Boston Beer Company, winner of more than 100 international awards, is America's leading brewer of world-class beer with four distinct product lines. For more information about Boston Beer Company, visit the web-site at

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