Among the more notable drinks releases around the world recently are a peanut rum and a tomato-flavoured vodka, according to recent research.

Datamonitor yesterday (16 July) highlighted a number of drinks, all of which appear on its latest Productscan database.

Primo Water has recently launched a bottled water in the US which, instead of using plastic, uses corn-based material branded as Ingeo in its packaging. Called Primo Purified Water, the product is touted as the US's first nationally-available bottled water to feature a plant-based bottle.

Also featuring novel packaging is Teewerk Easytea International's Verity Finest Liquid Tea Teekonzentrat, which has recently been launched in Germany. A liquid concentrate tea, the product comes in pods, which are packaged in a long tube. The tea can be added to hot or cold water to create a drink and is available in three flavours - 21 Finest Ceylon, 30 Fruity Hagebutte, and 50 Pure Rooibos.

Meanwhile, Team Spirits Imports has introduced Castries Peanut Rum Creme to the US market, which is possibly the first peanut rum to enter the market.

Proximo Spirits has also launched a curiously flavoured product. The Three Olives Flavored Vodka comes in a tomato flavour which is infused with pepper, horseradish and spices.

Boisset has started to distribute several flavours of jenever - also known as 'Holland Gin' - under the Peterman brand in various countries including France, Germany, India, Italy, Spain, the UK and the US. The six flavours include pomegranate and violet, and each bottle contains a different coloured liquid.

Finally, Proximo Spirits is also set to launch its 1800 Select Silver 100 Proof Tequila in limited edition bottles that feature art produced by a variety of up-and-coming modern artists, both from the US and Mexico. The company said that the artwork reflects the artists' personal visions, backgrounds and the area that they come from. Proximo Spirits also aims to produce outdoor installations and a range of sneakers to showcase the artwork.