The trend for Omega-3 enhanced products sees no sign of abating, with a number of new drinks launches tracked by Productscan Online this month containing the substance. Meanwhile, Coca-Cola has come up with a novel claim about its latest iced tea, which apparently provides the consumer with an intriguing cooling sensation - perfect for the summer then!

White Wave has found a new way of delivering Omega-3 to consumers - through a smoothie. Silk Live! Smoothie, is a live-cultured soy beverage available in various fruit flavours, which contains Omega-3, along with six active cultures, plus 19 vitamins & minerals. With so many vitamins and minerals, this should help consumers feel ultra-healthy in the morning!

Omega-3 also features in a recently launched milk product in the UK. Distributed under the St Ivel Advance brand name by Dairy Crest Group, the company states that just two glasses of the milk will provide 50% of the recommended daily intake of Omega 3. It claims that increased consumption of Omega-3 may enhance learning and concentration in some people.

Coca-Cola is offering a new type of drink which could help keep consumers cool this summer. Nestea Ice Flavored Iced Tea is said to contain an ingredient that delivers a colder taste than conventional soft drinks. The manufacturer claims that the beverage "refreshes from the inside out".

The beverage is marketed towards youthful, active consumers, which Coca-Cola believes will appreciate its refreshing qualities. It is available in the US in two flavours, lemon green tea and lime: expect to see more such sensory drink launches in the near future.
Coca-Cola has also launched a new product in Belgium, this time an extension of its Coke brand. Coca-Cola Light Sango is a low-calorie, low-sugar soft drink, which is distinguishable from other Coke launches in that it is flavoured with Sango, also known as blood orange. Sango joins a whole host of flavours currently used in Diet Coke varieties, including lime, lemon and vanilla.

The latest unusual flavour should generate further interest in the world's leading soft drink brand.

Meanwhile, back in the UK, Green's has released what is possibly the first line of gluten-free beer. The specialty brew targets those beer drinkers who suffer from Coeliac disease as it doesn't contain any glutens or wheat-based ingredients. The beer is available in three varieties: Discovery Beer, Explorer Stout, Pioneer Lager, which are all made without the use of sulphur dioxide and sulphites.

Staying in Europe, Unilever Bestfoods has introduced a range of herbal teas in France, which are flavoured with some rather exotic ingredients. With such flavours as licorice, orange peel and wild rose in the Maroc variety, mango in the Indes blend, and mocha in the Mexique offering, Unilever appears to want to add a taste of the exotic to French lives. This should go down especially well in the summer months.