Gordon's Fine Cream Soda has announced 6 new flavours to its range this week with a new line of cream sodas "offering the taste of the good old days."

"Consumers rate our cream sodas the hands-down favourite"

Available in 12-ounce bottles the latest flavours are aptly named Oranges 'n' Cream, Strawberries 'n' Cream, Black Cherries 'n' Cream, Peaches 'n' Cream, Bananas 'n' Cream and Blueberries 'n' cream and will initially be offered to wholesales in 13- state regions in the Southeast.

"Our new flavours have been tested against some of the most notable brands of cream sodas and consumers rate our cream sodas the hands-down favourite," said Jack Gordon, president of Tri-City Beverage Company.

The company was the first to bottle Mountain Dew, which was sold to Pepsi in the early 1960's and now consistently ranks among the top 5 carbonated soft drinks in the US.

Today it's Dr. Enuf line is one of the nation's fastest growing energy drinks.

The latest cream soda flavours will be available to distributors nationwide.