Newcastle Brown will soon be available in a smaller 330ml bottle and also on draught for the first time outside its home city of Newcastle in the UK.

A full programme is supporting the new size bottle with promotional and sponsorship activity and a new advertising campaign, which includes a poster campaign in Manchester starting September.

"Newcastle Brown has always been a cult brand with a loyal following of individuals. The current 550ml bottle size is challenging for the average drinker yet we know from research that people actually enjoy the product when they try it," said Sanjay Patel, brand manager for Newcastle Brown.

"By re-packaging it in a new smaller bottle, we are making it more accessible for most drinkers and the new 330ml bottle will create trial amongst first time Newcastle Brown drinkers," he added.

Newcastle Brown Draught is being rolled out in Manchester in September and is identical to the bottled version except for its temperature where it will be served at three degrees celsius.