Nestle Waters North America says the allegations are unfounded

Nestle Waters North America says the allegations are unfounded

Nestlé Waters North America (NWNA) has defended itself against a lawsuit, saying allegations its large-sized bottles contain filtered tap water are unfounded.

A Chicago plumbing supply store has filed a suit against (NWNA), claiming the source of some of its products wasn't disclosed in advertising, the USA Today reported last week. The Chicago Faucet Shoppe also alleges an NWNA employee admitted its Ice Mountain five-gallon bottles are filled with “resold municipal tap water”, the newspaper said.

However, in a letter to USA Today, NWNA said its Ice Mountain three- and five-gallon bottles are clearly labelled with the type of water, its source and location.

The letter said: “Ice Mountain drinking water is purified to a standard that goes beyond what people can get from the tap. It begins with either municipal supplies or underground wells. The water goes through a 13-step quality process, including reverse osmosis.”

The company added: "While there is pending litigation, we feel strongly we will be cleared through the legal process."

NWNA helped deliver parent company Nestlé Waters a 6% sales lift in full-year results