The Professional Golfers' Association (PGA) has signed a partnership deal with Nestlé Waters UK.

The move adds to its existing contracts with drink giants, Coca Cola and Red Bull and will see the introduction of both Vittel still and Buxton still and sparkling waters into golf shops at playing facilities throughout the UK.

Mike Gray, commercial director at the PGA said:  "Whilst golf is not an intensive sport, players use up both energy and liquid resources during a round.  Drinking water at regular intervals and in small quantities can avoid dehydration and should be taken as a supplement in addition to energy based drinks, before feeling thirsty.  This reinforces advice given by the PGA Academy to consume 100-150mls of water every 15-20 minutes during play.

"Water fulfils a crucial role in maintaining fitness and maximising performance and is as important for club golfers, as well as elite and professional squads.  This new partnership is therefore designed to generate awareness of hydration benefits for amateur as well as professional golfers", he added.

Carys Pritchard, business development manager for leisure, Nestlé Waters UK, said: "At Nestlé Waters we actively encourage individuals and families to get active while remaining hydrated.  Through golf we can reach part of our key target consumer and it's a great honour to be working with the PGA."