Ibiza ravers are in for a treat this year. Renowned for its alcohol-fuelled debaunchery, the island's party animals will be offered a refreshing alternative - Nestle's new Nescafe Ice.Last week a £5.4m advertising campaign began in the UK aimed at enticing young drinkers to try the new chilled coffee. "We are targeting the 18-24 market and are launching a sampling promotional drive in Ibiza during July. It is being portrayed as a refreshing drink for the café-culture crowd," said a Nescafe spokeswoman.The US hit sitcom Friends, where the characters hang out at the coffee bar Central Perk, has been the major influence behind the café craze which Nescafe hopes to capture. US giant Starbucks has also started a billboard campaign in the UK for its popular Frappuccino, focusing on the chilled aspect of the drink for summer."Nescafe Ice was officially launched in April and is really starting to take-off. Iced coffee drinks are becoming very popular with young drinkers," said the spokeswoman.Elliot Lane