Vodka producer Nemiroff has been forced to cease production in its home market of Ukraine, as the company's shareholders continue to do battle. 

Ukrainian media reported earlier this month that minority shareholders of Nemiroff had filed lawsuits against bottle producers in Ukraine, accusing them of illegally producing bottles with the Nemiroff logo.

This was confirmed by the company to just-drinks. "This new blockade is aimed to paralyse the production in Ukraine," a Nemiroff spokesperson said.

Nemiroff is the scene of an ongoing battle between shareholders, who were unable to agree on a possible sale of the company in 2010. The following year, the company was forced to abandon shipments of its vodka to Russia after a shareholder revolt saw the distiller locked out of its own headquarters in the country. 

Now two of the group's shareholders have started vodka production in Russia and are reportedly aiming to replace Nemiroff production in Ukraine.