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Nemiroff Company's Nemiroff Distinct

Category - Spirits, vodka, abv not specified

Available - From May in 70cl bottles. A 50cl version and “souvenir packaging” offering to be available from Autumn

Location - Ukraine

Price - UAH95 (US$11.75) per 70cl bottle

Distribution - Nemiroff Company

Nemiroff Distinct is being marketed as an “eco-friendly and safe” vodka. The variant conforms to ISO 14024:1999 certification, the company said, thereby confirming “the quality, safety and ecological compatibility of the product”.

Distinct contains aloe, and has a cork closure.

By the middle of next year, Nemiroff said it hopes “to consolidate our [domestic spirits market] leadership positions and increase the share in the premium segment from 45% to 58%”.