NBI Juiceworks has introduced a new line of "all natural" juices to its drinks range.

The US-based beverage company said today (22 July) that the new addition, named Drenchers, is part of its "all natural 100% super juices" range.

The range comprises of five products; Endurance (grape apple), Power (orange creme), Restore (apple kiwi mango), Immunity (berry) and Heart Healthy (apple kiwi mango).

"We have developed five great flavours and each one has a name that clearly identifies the major consumer benefit to be enjoyed," said Chris New, founder, chairman and CEO of NBI Juiceworks.

Earlier this month NBI Juiceworks added a new line of natural juices to its Sun Shower range. The five new additions included Stamina, Defense, Heart Healthy, Revitalize and Strength.