You've been making an effort to chug down eight glasses of water each day. You're on the path to good health, right? Wrong. Believe it or not, eight glasses of water may not be enough. But how can you tell? Spend some time this month -- which is National Water Quality Month -- immersing yourself in proper hydration facts. "Most people know that every body cell, tissue and organ needs water to function, but they don't seem to know that water is nature's best medicine," said Julie Fulton, registered dietitian. "Not only does water aid digestion and boost endurance, it may even help fight the common cold and migraines. In fact, research suggests that drinking enough water can reduce the risk of certain cancers. Clean, crisp, ice-cold water tastes great, is nature's choice for hydration, and is a great value." Here are some other interesting facts about water from health and fitness experts and from Culligan, world-renowned for its water purification and filtration expertise: Learn more about hydration and drinking water. Some resources include:- Culligan (