The National Trust, the UK heritage charity, is to launch a range of food and drinks products, including its own beer and bread.

The charity, which has 3.5m members, has joined forces with the Westerham Brewery in Kent, southern England, to produce Viceroy India Pale Ale. The beer is brewed using hops from Scotney Castle, the Trust's last remaining hop garden.

The National Trust said that it will launch the beer, alongside a range of foods, including bread, meat, potatoes and biscuits, in UK retailers from this month.

One of the food products, National Trust Barm Bread, the traditional wheaten bread of England, is also made with beer produced from hops grown in Scotney Castle.

The National Trust is one of the UK's largest owners of farmland with 500,000 acres of food-producing land and over 1,500 tenant farmers. It is supported by 52,000 volunteers.