Following the example set by Mecca Cola, another soft drink brand has been launched in France with the aim of providing an alternative to the major US brands like Coca-Cola for consumers concerned about the American stance on Iraq. "Muslim Up" has been launched by three French Muslims and is aimed at "promoting and understanding".

The company has said that a share of the profits will go towards "fighting injustice in the world". But the company has refuted any suggestion that it backs the Iraqi regime. "The situation in Iraq is particularly worrying given the hyperpower and its arrogance in its approach to world peace," the company says on its website."

The company is quite clear about its intentions to go after the sales of US-made soft drinks. "We want to reach as wide a public as possible in order to weaken American firms as much as possible," said general manager, Khabab el Hasni.

Muslim Up bottles and cans bear the slogan "Refreshment has meaning". The company is marketing four different products, cola, lemon, lime and orange, in 1.5 litre bottles and 33cl and 50cl cans