A Welsh MP is asking fellow Members of Parliament to boycott Carlsberg Lager in House of Commons bars in a bid to try and save Britain's oldest lager.

Martyn Jones MP is calling on his Parliamentary colleagues (via an Early Day Motion) to join in a boycott of Carlsberg-Tetley products following the collapse of talks to try and save the 118-year-old Wrexham Lager brand.

A local consortium is currently trying to save the brand from extinction, but Jones said Carlsberg had been "stringing out negotiations".

Commenting on his EDM, Jones said: "Carlsberg clearly don't want Wrexham Lager - but they don't want anyone else to own it either. It is surely time for them re-think their approach on Wrexham Lager, and enter into meaningful talks with local people so the brand and tradition can be safeguarded for the future."

The Motion also calls on the Chairman of the Catering Committee at the House of Commons - Dennis Turner MP - to withdraw Carlsberg-Tetley products from sale in all Commons bars.

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