Morrison Bowmores Bowmore Islay single malt brand

Morrison Bowmore's Bowmore Islay single malt brand

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Morrison Bowmore's Bowmore 40 Years Old, Bowmore 1981

Category - Spirits, whisky, Scotch, Islay, single malt

Available - From next month

Location - Globally, through specialist whisky suppliers

Price - GBP6,500 (US$10,136) and GBP270 per bottle, respectively

Distribution - In the UK, Cellar Trends (01283 217703,

The two single malts were launched last week at the National Geographic flagship store in London.

A total of 53 bottles of the limited edition Bowmore 40 Years Old will be released for sale worldwide. The bottles are hand-blown and sculpted using molten glass and stones collected from the Islay shore. Each bottle also has a hand-engraved solid silver collar. Finally the whisky is presented on a polished slab of natural slate.

The Bowmore 1981 is the first in the Bowmore vintage series, and is limited to 402 bottles worldwide.  Presented in a wooden gift box with a brown leather strap and copper buckle, each bottle is also accompanied by a signed and numbered certificate by the distillery manager.