UK Scotch producer Morrison Bowmore and the Italian drinks company Campari have entered into a £10m joint venture, to extend their reach in the UK.

The 50/50 venture will be see the Campari brands Cinzano, Midori, Skyy Vodka and Campari lien up next to Morrison Bowmore's Islay sinegle malt and Auchentoshan lowland single malt.
The new venture is yet to be named but it will be headed up by Steve Webb, formerly the sales and marketing director for Morrison in the UK.
Webb was quoted today saying that both companies wanted to extend their UK coverage and maintain focus. "It made sense to look at a major initiative that sealed our corporate relationship and gave us the confidence to invest for the long term," he said.

The deal extends a relationship between the two companies which began when Morrison, which is owned by Japanese drinks company Suntory, won the distribution rights to Cinzano from Allied Domeceq.

The joint venture is expected to have an annual turnover of £10m (EUR16.25m)