Exports of Australia wine soared to record heights in 1999-2000 with 287.6 million litres (ml), worth $A1.3 billion, being shipped.The volume increase of 33% for the year and the value increase of 36.4% were both records, despite coming from much higher bases than in past years.Australian Wine and Brandy Corporation (AWBC) figures released today show that exports volumes have increased in the past 13 years at a compound annual growth rate of 18%, compared with about 4% by all wine exporting countries. Australia's exports have leapt from 103ml worth $A288.9m in the past seven years.In the past five years, exports of bottled wine have increased from 75% of the total volume to 85% with red wine's share of bottled exports increasing from 40% to 50%.The UK easily remains the major market, taking 139.7ml worth $590.4m in 1999-2000, with sales of white at 71m litres exceeding sales of red by 8ml.The US remained the second biggest market, taking 50ml worth $A316.9m, NZ taking 20.1ml worth $A65.3m and Canada 12.6ml worth $A73.7m.The fastest growing markets were all in Europe: sales to France being up 150.4% to 3.1ml followed by the Netherlands (105.4% increase to 8.6ml), Belgium-Luxembourg (98% to 2.7ml), Germany (60% to 9.4ml) and Sweden (51% to 6ml).The AWBC is predicting that on present growth rates, sales of $A1.5 billion will be achieved by the end of 2000.