Monsters lawsuit was dismissed last week

Monster's lawsuit was dismissed last week

Monster Beverage Corp has said it remains confident it will defeat legal action brought by San Francisco's city attorney, despite a court setback.

Last week, a US district judge dismissed Monster's pre-emptive bid to stop possible legal action by Dennis Herrera, who alleges that Monster is “violating” California law by targeting children with its products. At the time, Herrera hailed the decision, calling Monster's suit “a meritless ploy”.

However, yesterday (17 December) Monster said it is “confident” that the California state court will deny Herrera's action. 

The company noted that US district judge Virginia Phillips, who dismissed its lawsuit last week, has ruled on three occasions in the past that federal law outweighed Californian state law in regards to Monster's products and consumer protection.

"We believe those orders remain persuasive authority,” Monster said.