Monsieur Henri, a unit of New Orleans-based spirits company Sazerac, has won US distribution rights to Bacardi's premium Türi vodka.

"Bacardi's done an excellent job with Türi," Jon Mowry, vice-president and general manager of Monsieur Henri told just-drinks. "It has a niche in the market, but it's got to find its place. It's still a very young brand."

Monsieur Henri plans to reinforce Türi's position as a premium vodka in the US$20 to US$30 price ranges while developing on-premise sales. Mowry declined to provide details on current sales or growth targets.

"We think the brand has real legs," Mowry said. "What that potential is, I don't know yet. We have some plans in place, and it's going to be interesting to see how the brand develops. This, to us, is a very, very important brand."

"We are also excited about the opportunity to return to our company's heritage and roots in vodka as represented by the addition of Türi. We see Türi as a high-quality authentic Estonian product that is well-positioned to participate in the growth of the super-premium vodka category," Mowry concluded.