The Canadian brewer Molson has signed two distribution agreements that will see it handle the Esker water and Ocean Spray juices brands across its network in Quebec.

Molson will take orders for and distribute Esker and Ocean Spray juices in bars, restaurants, grocery stores and convenience stores across Quebec. However the two brand-owning companies, Corporation Eaux Vives Harricana Inc and Ocean Spray International Inc, will retain responsibility for the sales, marketing and merchandising of their products and distribution in some superstore warehouses.

"A few months ago we identified the possibility of distributing other products related or complementary to ours and announced a first distribution agreement. In the pursuit of our objectives, the distribution agreements with Eaux Vives Harricana and Ocean Spray are excellent news. They will allow us at Molson to enhance the efficiency of our corporate supply chain and provide the company with additional sources of income," said Marieke Tremblay, vice president, corporate affairs for Molson's Quebec/Atlantic region.

"This is definitely a win-win situation because this agreement will allow presence of both Esker and Ocean Spray in all points of sale across the province", she added.