Coinciding with the Edmonton brewery's celebration of 100 years of brewing history, Molson announced today it will invest C$12.3m in upgrades at its Edmonton brewery.

"Molson is dedicated to delivering world-class performance and this investment is an extension of that commitment," said Armand Thompson, Molson's Edmonton brewery manager. "The capital project upgrades combined with our experienced Molson brewmasters and brewing methods, that are rooted in an over 200 year-old tradition of quality, will allow Molson to continue to satisfy consumers with exceptional beers of uncompromising quality."

Scheduled for completion in January 2006, the planned improvements will significantly increase productivity and efficiency at the Edmonton brewery, the brewer claimed.

The investment includes the addition of state-of-the-art technology to the brewery's bottle operations, including a new pasteurizer, filler and labeller.

The upgrades will enhance the Edmonton brewery's ability to specialize in bottle production and strengthen the brewery's strategic role in the company's operations, Molson said.