Molson Coors has launched a new online Christmas ad for its lager brand Carling. 

The ad, entitled "Pint Harp", is the latest in a series featuring two friends, Jon and Dylan. The spot sees the two performing a “unique” take on Silent Night, with the verdict being: “It’s good...but it’s not quite Carling.”

Jeremy Gibson, Carling’s brand director, said: “We believe with its understated approach this new ad captures the British Christmas spirit perfectly and continues to provide excitement in the lager category through our creative approach to the advertising for Carling.” 

The ad is the third in a series of online “exclusive” films for Carling, Molson Coors said,  following  ‘Decorators’ which celebrated the birth of the British royal baby, Prince George, and ‘Voodoo’ to mark Halloween. 

In September, the brewer launched a 'Hint of Winter Berries' variant to its Carling Zest brand