Click through to view Molson Coors "Beer Print" table

Click through to view Molson Coors' "Beer Print" table

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Molson Coors is to launch packaging that displays information on the environmental and social impact of its Cobra beer brand in the UK.

The “Beer Print” table, which can be viewed by clicking through on the right, shows which parts of the packaging can be recycled alongside Molson Coors' pledge to reduce its resource use. The table also displays the UK chief medical officer's recommendations on "safe" drinking levels.

The packaging will roll out when current stocks end, a Molson Coors spokesperson told just-drinks, while “Beer Print” packaging will be launched for Molson Coors' Carling brand over the next few months.

Molson Coors aims to improve energy efficiency by 25%, increase water efficiency by 20% and reduce carbon use by 15% over the next eight years, the company said.

In May, European brewers admitted they had "more to do" on cutting their environmental impact.