Free Carling for 2m households

Free Carling for 2m households

Molson Coors UK is trying to tempt drinkers back into pubs and bars by offering 2m free pints of its Carling lager.

The brewer has this month posted free pint vouchers to 2m households across the country, inviting them to enjoy a free pint at any pub offering Carling lager.

Industry figures show that around 40 pubs close down every week in the UK, reflecting the growing number of consumers who choose to buy alcohol from retailers and drink at home.

Molson Coors' campaign follows a 2009 marketing programme that celebrated Carling's use of 100% British Barley, during which consumers were also offered incentives to revisit their local pub or club.

The new campaign is part of a series of on-trade marketing activities planned by Molson Coors UK throughout the summer. All brewers in the UK have prepared marketing campaigns around England's involvement in the FIFA World Cup, which begins in South Africa on 11 June.

Last week, Molson Coors reached out to off-trade drinkers by launching its Home Draught keg.