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Molson Coors' Molson Canadian Wheat

Category - Beer, wheat, 4.5% abv

Available - Since 18 March, full distribution from early-May

Location - Canada

Price - Pricing will vary by province. Available in 6 x 34.1cl bottles, 12 x 34.1cl bottles and 47.3cl cans

Distribution - Molson

The Canadian division of Molson Coors has launched a domestically-produced wheat beer in the country. Molson Canadian Wheat launched last month, with nation-wide distribution set to be in place by early-May.

The product is “a wheat beer with a Canadian twist in a style that is most commonly offered as an ale”, said Molson.

This year has seen Molson Coors and SABMiller come to blows over the former's distribution of SABMiller's portfolio in Canada. The two are stuck in legal wrangling, with SABMiller looking to terminate its agreement with Molson Coors.

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Whether or not you've tried one before, Molson Canadian is giving you a great new reason to make a wheat beer part of your next get-together with friends, or even your next good meal, with the introduction of Molson Canadian Wheat, an unfiltered wheat lager beer lovers will find highly refreshing and approachable.

Molson Canadian Wheat is a wheat beer with a Canadian twist. It offers a highly drinkable and approachable lager in a style of beer that is most commonly offered as an ale. It has a wholesome wheat taste without the signature citrus, spicy flavour of Belgian-style wheat beers or the clove-like character of some German-style wheat beers.

What's Inside

Like Molson Canadian, Molson Canadian Wheat is made from the best this land has to offer including two-row barley, specially selected grown Soft White Spring Wheat and Molson's own yeast, as well as a selection of the finest hops.

"When you pour Molson Canadian Wheat you will first notice its light golden colour and naturally cloudy appearance because it is not filtered - with nothing added, nothing taken away," says Jonathan Lowes, Molson Coors brewmaster. "It has a fresh wheat flavour with a hint of maltiness, which is balanced by the fruity character of just-ripened bananas, with a finish that is clean, smooth and highly refreshing."

Molson Canadian Wheat will appeal to beer drinkers, regardless if they've tried a wheat ale or lager before. It is perfect on its own and pairs well with delicate foods such as garden salads, light soups, vegetarian meals, white fish, seafood and sushi.

"We've created a wheat beer that our drinkers can enjoy in a wide variety of occasions," says Jennifer Davidson, Vice President Marketing for Molson Coors. "We think our drinkers will appreciate that we've brewed this beer using the finest Canadian ingredients which is consistent with what they would expect from the Molson Canadian brand."

Package Formats and Pricing

Molson Canadian Wheat contains 4.5% ABV (alcohol by volume). It will be sold in the following formats, although package availability and pricing will vary by province:

  • 6 X 341 ml bottles
  • 12 X 341 ml bottles
  • 473 ml cans


Molson Canadian Wheat will be available only in Canada at beer and liquor stores starting March 18, with full Canadian distribution by early May 2013.

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