Click through to view Molson Coors Carling Zest Hint of Ginger

Click through to view Molson Coors' Carling Zest Hint of Ginger

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Molson Coors' Carling Zest Hint of Ginger

Category - Beer, lager, 2.8% abv

Available - This month until end of summer

Location - UK, off-trade

Price - Left to retailer discretion; available in 33cl bottles in four- or 12-packs

Distribution - Available directly through Molson Coors or through wholesale

Molson Coors has launched a third flavour in its Carling Zest range, and announced that its debut flavour is to make a permanent return.

Carling Zest with a Hint of Ginger follows the Hint of Citrus and Hint of Orange limited rollouts last year, Molson Coors said today (11 March). Molson Coors said the new addition was created after research showed “strong consumer demand for ginger-flavoured beer”.

Molson Coors added that Hint of Citrus will now be available all year round. It was launched on a limited release last year and has enjoyed “strong demand from retailers and consumers alike”, the company said.

The Carling Zest range is to be supported with a GBP5.3m (US$7.9m) marketing campaign, starting next month.

Molson Coors' president & CEO Peter Swinburn said that last year the company was to increase its focus on innovations to help create more premium brands.

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11th March 2013: Molson Coors, Britain’s biggest brewer, is launching a new, limited-edition flavour, especially for the summer. Carling Zest with a Hint of Ginger will be available in the off-trade in March and is the latest seasonal flavour from Carling Zest, which was the most successful new beer of 2012.[1] The news comes as Carling Zest with a Hint of Citrus is reintroduced as a permanent flavour following its success as a limited edition in 2012.

Jeremy Gibson – brand director Carling at Molson Coors says:

“Carling Zest had a fantastic 2012, with strong sales in the off-trade and great feedback from both retailers and their customers, with great repeat purchase rates and incremental category sales. To capitalise on that success, we’ve developed a new refreshing flavour perfect for summer time drinking, whatever the weather. And, by bringing back Carling Zest with a Hint of Citrus, we are responding to incredible consumer demand.

“Having led the way in developing this market we’re continuing to invest in the brand with a heavyweight marketing campaign to showcase our latest flavours and ensure Carling Zest remains front of mind with consumers.”

Carling Zest with a Hint of Ginger

The latest Carling Zest flavour was brewed following extensive research, which uncovered strong consumer demand for ginger flavoured beer. When testing the product, brewer Molson Coors found that ‘the Hint of Ginger’ would attract a further 37 per cent of consumer to Carling Zest.[2]

With its refreshing flavour, Carling Zest with a hint of Ginger is an alternative to light summer drinks, such as fruit ciders, with broad appeal to male and female drinkers, no matter what age.

Carling Zest with a Hint of Citrus

The introduction of the new addition to the range coincides with the return of Carling Zest with a Hint of Citrus. Following its runaway success and strong demand from retailers and consumers alike, Molson Coors is making ‘with a Hint of Citrus’ available all year round; the first permanent Carling Zest flavour. The permanent flavour will be supported by seasonal limited edition flavours, starting with Hint of Ginger for the summer, responding to consumer tastes and helping maintain excitement in the category.

Marketing Campaign

The latest developments for Carling Zest will be supported by a major £5.3m marketing campaign, with a creative by VCCP. The new ads encourage people to enjoy the season no matter what the weather, and will be featured on TV, outdoor and in print. The campaign will launch in April.

The launch of Carling Zest made Molson Coors the first major brewer to create a new 2.8% ABV lager under a major brand name. To achieve Carling Zest’s refreshing taste, Molson Coors has drawn on its significant technical know-how of low-ABV brewing.


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